Bra Fitting Guide 

It Is very important when buying a bra that you choose the right size, about 80% of women in the UK are wearing the wrong bra size

It is worth bearing in mind that your bra size will change throughout your life due to age, weight changes and pregnancy, so it is unlikely you will wear the same size all of your life. Follow our guide below to find out the correct size for you.

Bra Fitting GuideBra Fitting Guide

Step 1

Step 2


Ideally wear an unpadded non wired bra when taking measurements

 Step 1 

To determine bra band or back size, measure underneath your bust and add 4 inches if it is an even number and 5 inches if it is an odd number, if the measurement is half an inch then round down to the nearest inch.

Step 2 

To determine your bra cup size, measure the fullest part of the bust. If the measurement is a half an inch then round up to the next inch. The difference between this measurement and the band size will give you your cup size.  


cup if the band size and bust are the same measurement


cup is a difference of 1 inch


cup is a difference of 2 inches


 cup is a difference of 3 inches


 cup is a difference of 4 inches


 cup is a difference of 5 inches


cup is a difference of 6 inches


 cup is a difference of 7 inches


 cup is a difference of 8 inches


This is only a guide, all manufacturers sizes vary slightly and different bra styles may also affect sizing.


Frequently asked questions about bra fitting

Q. The under band is riding up my back

A. The under band is too large, go down a back size


Q. The under band is rubbing against my skin

A.  The under band is too tight, go up an under band size


Q. My breasts are spilling over the cups

A. Your cup size is too small, go up a cup size


Q.  My breasts are spilling out of the sides

A.  Your cup size is too small, go up a cup size


Q.  The underwires aren’t sitting against my breastbone

A. The cup is too small, go up a cup size


Q.  The cups are wrinkled or the foam cup sits away at the top of the bra

A.  The cup is too big, go down a cup size


Q.  My shoulder straps are digging in

A.  You need to go down a back size


Guide to Bra Styles



This style creates cleavage, making it perfect for scoop neck top with wide set straps


A really comfortable shape that look great with low cut tops


This enhances the size and shape of your bust, perfect for eveningwear

T Shirt

An ideal everyday bra, as it is very comfortable and creates a seamless shape

Full Cup

Wear a full cup if you want more coverage, as it covers the whole of the breast


Everyone woman should own a strapless bra as it is a must for occasion wear and strappy tops


The straps can be detached for a strapless look, worn as a halter neck or crossed over at the back


 A very supportive style, maternity bras often double as nursing bras


Sports bras come in a number of variations depending upon the intensity of your chosen exercise


Minimiser bras are ideal to wear with fitted tops and button up shirts if you find the fabric a little stretched or the buttons pull. A minimiser bra  will redistribute the breast tissue giving the appearance of a reduced bust size yet still comfortable to wear.


Bra Band Sizes Conversion Chart

bra size

Bra Cup Sizes Conversion Chart

Bras – Cup Sizes

Swimwear and Brief Sizes

Swimwear and Brief Sizes

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