Plus Size Bras For The New Woman

Published on 07/08/2015

  • Plus Size Bras For The New Woman

As a plus sized woman myself, I know just how important it is to have a bra that fits the right way. As you very well know, when it comes to plus size bras, very few brands actually deliver on the goods. It takes a special kind of bra to hold a pair of 40DD's in place.

plus size bras

And while there are several different brands you can choose from, it all starts with making sure you know what size you really are. The sad reality is over 60% of women wear the wrong size bra. As a plus size woman, you can't afford to walk around in a bra that doesn't provide the proper support.

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To help you get it right, I have put together 5 simple steps to finding the perfect bra fit.

Step #1- Put on Your Best Fitting Bra

Hopefully you have at least one bra that fits you somewhat correctly. Put on that bra and go stand in the mirror. Be sure there is no padding and no molded bras. Adjust the straps so the bra is fitting you as firm as possible. Try to level the breasts with the ground before doing measurements.

Step #2 – Start By Measuring around The Ribcage

Use a fabric tape measure to measure around your ribcage. Make sure the tape measure is lying flat against your body. You don't need to exhale or pull the tape measure too tightly. Simply put it around your ribcage and take the measurement. This will serve as your first measurement. Be sure to write it down in inches.

Step #3 – Measure Around The Fullest Part of Your Breasts

To measure the fullest part of your breasts you will need to place the tape measure over your nipples. Again, be sure everything is level with the ground. Always wear a bra when taking this measurement. Otherwise the density and shape of your breasts can significantly skew the results. Write down this number in inches.

Step #4 – Do A Little Math

Now that you have completed step two and three, you will need to do a little math. Subtract the ribcage measurement from the full bust measurement. This should give you a number between 4 and 14. In some cases the number could be higher.

Step #5 – Determine Your Size

Your band size is determined by your ribcage measurement. If the number was uneven, round up one inch. The cup size is determined by the under bust measurement. Do not round this number up. Use the exact measurement.

Please know this is just a guide to help you determine which plus size bras will work best for you. Even with these measurements, you may still need to make a few adjustments. Keep in mind all plus size bras are made differently. Some will fit to size while others may be on the bigger side.

plus size bras for women

Your shape and the brand of bra you purchase will ultimately determine what size you wear. Most brands have their own fitting guide. Be sure to use it.





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